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Canon pixma mx922 troubleshooting
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Canon PIXMA MX922 Troubleshooting Issues

Are you worried about resolving the errors that have occurred in the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer? Follow the easy Canon PIXMA MX922 Troubleshooting solutions that are given on this website.

canon pixma mx922 troubleshooting

Print results are unsatisfactory in the Canon PIXMA MX922

  • Check the print settings on the Windows computer: Navigate to the printer software setup pop-up menu.
  • On the Quick Setup tab, choose the Print Media Information option.
  • The Printer Media Information window displays on the Windows computer.
  • Choose Paper source and then ensure that the appropriate paper size and type are selected.
  • Apply the settings by clicking the Set button to start Canon PIXMA MX922 Troubleshooting process.
  • Verify the print settings on a Mac PC: Place papers into the input tray.
  • Select your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer on the Print dialog box. Choose the paper size and then click the Quality & Media option.
  • Click the correct type of media that is loaded into the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Select the print quality type as Standard, Draft, or Normal whichever matches your print task.
  • Now hit the Print option and then check if the printed files are satisfactory. Look if there is sufficient ink inside your five ink cartridges.

How to fix Canon PIXMA MX922 printer not printing

  • Check if the paper tray that is located in the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer has enough sheets of A4 paper.
  • Ensure that the five ink cartridges are rightly installed into their respective slots.
  • Verify if the correct print settings such as paper size and type are set on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Go to the Control Panel section on the Personal Computer by clicking the Start option.
  • Choose the Devices button, then hit the Printers & Scanners option, and then click your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer. Choose the Manage button and then click on the Set as Default option.
  • After setting the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer as the default, check if the issue has been cleared by carrying out a print work.
  • Ensure that your printer is not in the Sleep or Inactive state. If the printer is not in the Active mode, press the ON button.
  • Try for Canon PIXMA MX922 troubleshooting the wired or wireless connection on the printer.
  • If you utilize a wireless setup, confirm that your Internet is working well.

Canon PIXMA MX922 printer does not start the print job

  • Ensure that the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer is connected to the power source correctly.
  • When the printer is initializing, the Power lamp on it keeps blinking.
  • Do not stops until the Power lamp stops flickering. If you are using a USB cord, confirm that the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer and the computer or laptop are connected with each other correctly.
  • Make sure not to utilize a USB hub for connecting the USB cable, since the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer might not get sufficient power to function.
  • There could be a issue with the USB cord. Purchase a new, compatible USB cord and then check if your printer starts the print work. Ensure that the paper settings match the data that is present in the rear tray.
  • Remove all the undesired print jobs. Open the Canon IJ Status Monitor on your computer.
  • Choose the Canon IJ Status Monitor’s icon. Click the Display Send Queue, and the print window will open on the system.
  • Choose all the tasks that have to be deleted, then click the Cancel button, and then hit the Yes option to complete canon PIXMA MX922 Troubleshooting process.
  • Now confirm if the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer can print.

How to resolve Canon PIXMA MX922 printer offline error

  • Open the Printers folder on your Personal Computer by clicking the Start icon.
  • Choose Control Panel, then hit the Hardware & Sound option, and then select Printers.
  • Right-click on the icon of your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer and then tap the Use Printer Offline option.
  • If the offline error stands unfixed, a printer icon will be present on the left side of the window.
  • Now double-tap on the icon to open the Printers dialog box. Select the Document Title that is located below the Document Name column and then choose the Restart option for Canon PIXMA MX922 Troubleshooting.
  • Check if the driver of your printer is configured to the right port. Power cycle the Windows or Mac computer, router, and the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Power Off your printer. Unplug the electrical cord from your printer’s rear.
  • Turn Off the Windows or Mac PC. Now reattach the electrical cord to your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Disconnect the cord from your router. After ten seconds, replug the cord to the router.
  • Switch On the computer and then do not continue until your access point gets connected to the system and the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer. Verify if the offline error has been rectified.

Canon PIXMA MX922 printer not printing in magenta

  • Check if the magenta ink cartridge is genuine and compatible with the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Go to your printer’s control panel or computer and perform the required steps to monitor the ink levels inside the magenta cartridge.
  • If the printer still fails to print in magenta, try cleaning the printhead.
  • Windows: Go to the Driver setup window on your PC. On the Maintenance tab, click the Cleaning option.
  • Once the Print Head dialog box opens on your system, choose the ink cartridge for which the cleaning process has to be done.
  • If you want to confirm the items before the cleaning is finished, select the Initial Check Items option.
  • Now ensure that the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer is On. Begin the printhead cleaning process by choosing the Execute option.
  • After the confirmation message, the Nozzle Check dialog box appears on your Personal Computer. Now verify if the print quality has been improved.
  • Mac: open the Canon IJ Printer Utility software on your Mac system and select Cleaning. Tap the Cleaning icon and then choose the ink group on the dialog box that opens on your Mac system.
  • Ascertain to power On your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer. Initiate the printhead cleaning by touch OK.

Canon PIXMA MX922 printer cannot send a fax

  • Users cannot send faxes if the power is switched Off. Now tap the ON button to turn On the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Ensure that the telephone line type is set appropriately. Confirm that the Hook Setting is in the Disabled mode.
  • Make sure to set the Dial Tone Detect feature in the ON mode. Ensure that the fax receiver or telephone number is done rightly.
  • Try altering the registered information. Press the Fax icon on the touch display of your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • The Fax Standby screen opens on the panel. Press the Menu button and then choose the Directory option. Tap the OK button and click the Add Directory Entry option.
  • Touch OK and modify the needed data, and then check if the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer can send the fax.
  • Ensure that the document is loaded rightly into the ADF tray or on the platen glass.
  • Look for an error message on the LCD screen of your printer. Verify if the telephone line cable is attached correctly into the printer.
  • Replug the telephone line cable into the telephone wall jack to complete Canon PIXMA MX922 Troubleshooting. If the fax error remains unresolved, service your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.


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